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H&R Block is an American tax consultancy with operations in North America, Australia, and India. This company helps its clients prepare their tax returns.


H&R Block offers a variety of tax preparation services. Customers can check the status of electronic files, ask questions, and access helpful monitoring tools. From advice on tax returns to refunds and more, this company can help you solve the problem. Today we are going to talk about the DNA HRBlock login portal that works with this company. Follow us to know everything about this portal.

The company hired the best developers to manage accounts, tools, and security. This portal is a complete solution for employees and partners who want to improve their online experience.


View Tax Return Online From The Portal

Once you have paid, you can view and print your bank statements. However, this is not enough to see the final version of your tax return. You will need to send an email or contact the team to have a copy emailed to you. There is a watermark on the portal that says “ONE COPY ONLY, DO NOT FILE” to avoid copying the unfinished version of the tax return.

After submitting an electronic form or contacting the HR team, print a final watermarked tax return report.

Steps to View Income Tax Returns Online on Your Computer

  • Once you have made all your tax return payments and have an electronic filing platform
  • Click the Save and Exit option in the upper right corner.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click “Print my 2021 tax return.” You can save the document on your computer after printing.

Steps to view taxes online using your mobile phone

  • When you have paid your taxes, the menu will appear.
  • Click “Print my taxes”, you can download your tax return
  • Finally, you can save and print your tax return at any time.