Jobs At H&R Block

At H&R Block, we foster and foster trust in our customers and networks around the world. We have pursued this motive since the beginning when brothers Henry and Richard Bloch founded the organization in 1955. During that time, they abolished more than 800 million government forms.


Marking the same with rates for a while continues to stand out as a leader, giving customers plenty of options for rate help on their base with personal, web, and virtual alternatives.

DNA HRBlock is a self-service website platform that enables H&R employees to access important information more quickly from a single source. The portal saves documents, updates them, maintains workflow, and allows files like payroll, making work easier.


Jobs Opportunity Available At H&R Block

Annual Tax Preparation Course

If you are interested in a job as an assessment preparer, H&R Block offers a course where you know everything you need to know, from job hypothesis to work ethic to certifiable task planning. You will receive confirmation from H&R Block that the courses have been completed and evaluated. After completing the course, you can meet with H&R Block about a situation. The course is offered online in English and Spanish.

H&R Blocks Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal transition jobs offer flexible work schedules, the opportunity to use and supplement competent experience, and to learn new skills in assessment and reinforcement work. Occasional job preparer duties include conducting appraisal interviews, preparing government forms, maintaining security, maintaining client confidentiality, and expanding client service, as well as providing additional items and administration.

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  • There is a shortcut option at the bottom of the page; Click here to join the talent community.
  • There is a tab you can click to go to the talent community page
  • You will be asked to provide correct information, such as your full name, phone number, city, state, and email address.
  • Show your specialty, your skills, and your experience. Submit your resume and indicate the job you need.
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