The DNA HRBlock service is intended to provide employees working in the H&R Block with access to an internal system to apply for new positions. Vacancies listed in the H&R Block service are considered open and can be applied.


As soon as a position is filled in the H&R Block, the position is removed from the DNA HRBlock system. If an H&R Block employee does not know her SSO-ID, she can retrieve it by entering her first and last name, the last 5 digits of her social security number, and date of birth.

As soon as employees apply for a new position at H&R Block DNA, their application is entered into the system for further review. Employees can also check the status of an H&R Block request through the DNA HRBlock system. A resume and cover letter can be saved in HRBlock DNA for easy access and to make applying for new internships at H&R Block as easy as possible.


With DNA HRBlock service, employees can search for new jobs by job title, job level (for example, career entry or manager), and even by location. H&R Block employees and H&R Block franchise employees can use this system. Even employees who only work seasonally for H&R Block can use DNA HRBlock.

Employees Can Vastly Be Benefited By Using The Portal

There are several benefits for part-time and full-time workers who benefit from it. Plus the benefits of the standard platform, such as 24-hour delivery service, news updates, and tax preparation tools. Other benefits are easier access to documents, good customer support, and a new portal design.

H&R full-time employees enjoy a long list of benefits, including.

  • Stable medical treatment
  • Flexible savings and spending account
  • Permanent life insurance protection
  • Health Savings Account
  • A solid vision plan
  • Frequent dental check-ups
  • Pay vacations to employees
  • Helps you adhere to the stock purchase plan.

Plus, part-time workers enjoy the same benefits, including:

  • Discounts on employee benefits
  • Stable retirement provision
  • According to medical and health programs
  • Plans to purchase additional shares